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Neurodevelopmental conditions, like Autism and ADHD, are the costliest health conditions in the UK. There is a lot of overlap between them, but they are usually researched and managed separately by clinicians.



Neurodevelopmental conditions can be conceptualised as 'neurodiversity', which aims to appreciate the strengths associated with these conditions and focus on the contributions of neurodivergent people to research and wider society.

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We are an  interdisciplinary group - of university academics  (e.g., geneticists, psychologists), neurodivergent people, and third sector organisations - working together towards a step-change in understanding and improving the lives of neurodivergent people.

Cheltenham Literature Festival: When Dystopia Becomes Reality - Life Under Lockdown
Online Event; Link TBD
What is Neurodiversity, Really?
University of Bath
Neurodisability vs Neurodiversity: Finding a way forward
Location is TBD
Alexithymia & Interoception in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Online Webinar
British Psychological Society Neil O’Connor Award Talk: Characterising Compensation in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Online Webinar



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